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The DABB General Day provides a platform for Global Majority Actors to personally showcase their talent to industry professionals like Agents, Casting Directors, Producers, Theatres, and Directors. It aims to break down barriers, challenge stereotypes, and foster real-life connections. In this inclusive space, actors have the opportunity to learn from one another during rehearsals and build meaningful relationships with the panel. The best part is that it's a completely free experience, making it accessible to all.

To find out about our audition process, please click HERE
Our industry connections include a wide range of influential individuals such as Casting Directors, Agents, Directors, Producers, and Theatres. If you are a professional in the industry and have any inquiries, would like more information about this event, or are interested in supporting us, please feel free to get in touch with us via the contact us page. 

To find out further about our past general day's in 2019 & 2020, click on the NEWS tab.
Kindly note that we enforce a strict invitation-only policy for our events in order to maintain a secure environment within our spaces
How to apply

This year the DABB General Day will be held at Southwark Playhouse. All information on how to apply and what to send over will be released when submissions open

Please do keep an eye out for further information
Please refrain from emailing to ask when this will be


The DABB Generals Day consist of a two stage submission process: the initial round and the final round. Information on how to apply can be found on our website and social media channels. In the initial round, applicants must submit a self tape performing a monologue and/or song. Submissions are carefully reviewed, and selected actors move on to the final round, which also requires a self tape submission. The final round may include a different monologue, answering questions, or providing more information about yourself. Successful candidates from this round are chosen to participate in the event.  A rehearsal day is scheduled one week before the event to prepare the final actors for their performances.

Our aim is to ensure that every applicant is informed about the outcome. However, if time limitations hinder individual notifications, we will resort to making a general announcement on social media. Considering the high volume of applicants, we carefully assess multiple factors in the actor selection process. In our inaugural year, we received more than 250 applications, while last year saw over 650 applicants vying for one of the 24 available spots in our showcase. Through our comprehensive two-stage evaluation process, we are able to meticulously evaluate each applicant and handpick the actors who will participate in our showcase.

Participation in the event is completely FREE.
Please note that this event is specifically for Black, BESEA, MENA, Central and South American, Polynesian/Pacific Islanders, and Asian actors. Actors should not apply more than once in the same year, but they can reapply in the following year.
Audition process
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