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If you're planning to audition for drama school, it's likely that you've been advised to prepare some material. If you're seeking inspiration or need assistance in refining your material, I would be delighted to offer my support. We can collaborate on scenes, contemporary monologues, or even classical pieces. It's crucial to nail these performances as they will shape the school's initial perception of you, and as we're aware, first impressions hold significant weight (but don't worry, no pressure!).

To book a session on any of the above (or all) then email me below.

If you'd like to book a session to explore the above, or anything else you'd like relating to Drama school audition prep, then do email me below. I will then email you with details on prices. Please do be clear on what you want to explore during our session. I can then figure out how long we may need. PLEASE LET US KNOW WHO YOU WOULD LIKE TO BOOK WITH, EITHER SURAJ SHAH OR LAUREN DOUGLIN-HENDON.

DISCLAIMER: any sessions booked do not guarantee you any auditions or jobs in the performing arts industry. Including our DABB General Open Auditions. 

Thanks for submitting!

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